Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I LOVE my Tens Unit

NOTE: The below is my personal opinion and I am in no way associated with this company other than being a happy customer and since it has helped me so much over the past 8 months, I wish someone had told me about it years before.

I have gotten so many emails from my friends and family asking about my back, that I wanted to post an update and share my love for my Tens Unit.

As of Tuesday night, my back is still a little tight, but I haven’t had to take any prescription strength anti-inflammatory medicine today – thanks to my Tens Unit.

I have had back problems for years, but I wasn’t diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (DDD) in my lower back until last November. I was having back spasms all the time and I wasn’t able to sleep at night, basically miserable all the time.

My girlfriend, a Nurse Practitioner, kept recommending that I ask my doctor for a Tens Unit and I finally followed her advice.

WOW! Once I got the Tens Unit prescribed by my doctor and picked it up that day, my life changed for the better. As soon as my back starts to get tight, I pick one of the various sized pads (depending on the pain area in my lower back) and use the Tens Unit to ease away the ache.

I went from taking Naproxin twice a day and a muscle relaxer every night to ease the spasms to only having to take those medicines if my back went rapidly from tight to acute spasms if I didn’t catch it in time.  I went from having spasms daily to weekly then to monthly.

Anyway, at the race on Sunday night, my back chose then of all times, to go from nothing to tight to acute in an hour and the spasms in my lower back made it hard to breath/walk/think. If I had just had a little more warning, I could have walked to the hotel and picked up my Tens Unit, but it happened so fast and I was paying more attention to my brother’s race because I was so proud of him, than listening to the warning signs.  Once the spasms reach the acute level, it takes hours to calm the spasms.

When I woke up Monday morning facing a 12.5 hour drive, I knew I couldn’t take a muscle relaxer if I needed it, so I took a Naproxin and put on my Tens Unit on super high and wore it for the rest of the day. Every few hours, I was able to keep lowering the pulse numbers until just before we reached home when I only had a low number and I woke up today with a tight back, but no other problems.

If you have any issues of needing pain management, try to include the Tens Unit in your research and ask your doctor if it would be right for you.

In case you are wondering what it looks like.

My Tens Unit comes from this company, but I think there are other units on the market - Empi.com.  Since I am going to have this back issue for life, my unit was prescribed permanently, but I think it can be issued on a temporary basis too.

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